Watching: Let’s Fall in Love The Ero-manga

The first episode dedicates itself to one thing and one thing only: tsundere, and gives it to you in two delicious flavors: the moody childhood friend and the arrogant ojou-sama. Oh, the bitter sweetness of moody girls who are just too proud or arrogant to admit that they like you. And ah… the satisfaction you get from when they finally give in to you, in this case, all the way.
The second episode is devoted to nee-san (older sister) love. The older sisters in this episode are rather air-headed and hopeless, leaving the protagonists (younger brothers) to “help” them out in various ways.
To be honest, there is not much of a story, but the plot is well executed in each arc with extended hot ecchi scenes and lots of cute dirty talking that won’t annoy you.

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