If you’re here, then you’re either looking for a way to connect with us, or you’re interested in why we’re here, and what we do.

A Little About Us

Well, we’ve been watching Hentai since the early 2000s. Yes. We’re old. In that time, we’ve went through countless websites (streaming and download related.) We believe that after the rise and fall of so many large, popular, and amazing websites, we would try our own hand at it.

Due to how often Hentai websites have risen and fallen, the quality of Hentai websites has slowly declined. Ad-filled, money-hungry, spammy, virus-infested, slow, ugly websites have risen to fill the large gap, and supply the huge demand for Hentai.

We’re here to attempt to fix that. We don’t plan on filling Hentai Weeb with tons of advertisements. One here and there, sure, it’ll be a huge help in supporting the website, but never to the extremes that other sites use them. We believe that the best way to attract new members, and people who generally support our website, is through offering a good, fast website. One that offers exactly what you want, when you want it.

We’re not here to compete with other sites. We’re not here to overtake other sites. We’re here to offer a high quality alternative to people sick of using websites that slow down their computers, have tons of popups, fill their pages with advertisements.

Our Videos

At Hentai Weeb, our goal is to offer users a High Quality Hentai streaming AND Hentai Download experience. All our videos have the option to be streamed in SD (360p) and HD (720p). Yes, most our videos are fully HD compatible. No low quality nonsense. No heavily pixelated rubbish.

Not only do we offer HD Hentai Anime Streaming, but we go even further and offer the same episodes in downloadable form! Yes, you can download the very episodes you’re watching.

To add further to this, we also fully support all mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Androids), along with normal desktop PCs. Yes, fully compatible, moibile supported HD Hentai Streaming.

Connect With Us

At Hentai Weeb, we offer a variety of ways you can connect with us. Through Facebook, to WordPress. Simply click how you want to connect with us, and be taken to our corresponding page!